Cast Polyurethane

Cast urethane is a unique thermoset elastomeric material that bridges the gap between highly extensible rubber elastomers and low-elongation rigid plastics.

Cast Polyurethane

Although light in weight, products made from cast urethane materials exhibit a functional toughness which can withstand industrial abuse that would break down most rubbers, plastics and even metals. Polyurethane can be moulded or spun cast in any hardness or in layers of different hardness's.

BMP is capable of achieving solutions for specialized applications through our extensive knowledge of design, development and processing of synthetic elastomers inclusive of silicone and fluoro-carbon rubbers.

The first process in the manufacture of spun cast Polyurethane is the metering, mixing and de-gassing of the base polymer systems. The precisely controlled G forces generated within the spin casting process ensure inclusion free urethane with enhanced clarity and superior dimensional stability.

  • Thickness tolerances +/- 0.1mm
  • Transparent or pigmented
  • Excellent impact, abrasion, cut and tear resistance
  • Superb resilience with exceptional elastomeric memory
  • Greater load-bearing capabilities, low compression set
  • Hardness 60 - 95 'Shore A'
  • Operating Temperature -30°C / +120°C
  • Exceptional oil and solvent resistance
  • Excellent ozone, oxidation and radiation resistance
  • Design flexibility
  • Good Insulating (sound, anti-vibration, non-conductive) properties